FRP Cooling tower

Custom cooling tower solutions provider specializing in the design and construction of Field Erected FRP cooling tower.

Our exclusive tower structure is unlike any other on the market – using custom engineered components and a flexible open frame design to enable faster and safer project execution at lower cost.

FM 4930 Approved Cooling Towers

For the Safest and Most Reliable Cooling Tower Available, Specify CCS Phoenix and FM 4930 Approval

FM 4930 Approval means the cooling tower design has been tested and certified to meet tough design and performance standards. It will both contain fire and withstand certain wind or seismic events, while continuing to provide cooling.

This adds a marked measure of security for your facility, especially when operations are essential for business continuity and life safety, such as process and hospital applications.

Concrete Cooling Tower

The most obvious advantage of concrete towers is their structural permanence and architectural flexibility. Properly designed concrete structures are nearly permanent with their mass making them highly resistant to weather events. They are unaffected by most chemicals, heat and ultra-violet exposure. Concrete is also inert to the water environment present, and helps to minimize radiated sound levels.

Our concrete cooling tower designs are flexible in overall footprint, allowing the tower to be constructed in tight quarters near other structures like the chiller plant or high-traffic areas, often saving in piping and pumping costs. The exterior can be styled and finished to match most building architectures.

Concrete designs can also be specialized to provide other functions, such as venting of parking garage fumes, or fogging and plume control. Drift eliminators can allow the tower to be placed near pedestrian or vehicular traffic.