Technical specialists in Star Tower and Parts have the experience and know-how to reconstruct or repair upgrade all brands and type of cooling towers without compromising the tower thermal performance.

Multi-Brand OEM Quality Parts And Service

Whatever your Cooling Tower brand, we are ready to restore them to OEM nameplate performance.

Maintenance Management Services

Individualized maintenance planning and parts stocking programs enable you to attain maximum possible cooling tower performance and uptime.

Thermal Performance Upgrade

Star Tower Engineers have developed specialized skill sets and capabilities to improve the cooling tower’s thermal performance.

The performance upgrade can be done by modifying and improving the efficiency of distribution system, Fill components and air movement packages.

Maintenance, Repair, and Reconstruction

Cooling tower’s reliability depends on the maintenance and inspection program. The “Star Tower Reconstruction Program” will maximize the thermal performance and thus the reliability of the existing tower.

From structural replacement to thermal upgrades and improved mechanical systems, our reconstruction will improve the efficiency of the tower and extend its life.

Spare Parts - Multi-Brand OEM Parts Supply

Irrespective of the Cooling Tower manufacturer & brand, we can supply the same parts and replace them without compromising the performance of the tower.

Installation, Startup, and Commissioning

Star Tower has factory trained, experienced personnel, to supervise the assembly of the tower, carryout startup activity and commission the tower.

Thermal Testing / Performance Analysis / Third Party Performance Audit

In case of old cooling towers, where its thermal capability is of concern, Star Tower can assist in testing the tower at its prevailing conditions, identify the current thermal rating and furnish a report. The necessary tools and skill set are at their disposal. Further, they are also in a position to offer suitable recommendation to improve the thermal performance of the tower.

Vibration / CFD analysis

Vibration is a serious issue for many installations. It creates adverse impact on the whole tower. Star Tower can carry out measurements online and recommend the procedure to eliminate undesired vibration.

Star Tower can carry out CFD analysis for new and old projects using their in-house expertise.